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I am still shocked sometimes by the generosity of others.

I think I will always refer to my life as being in two segments, before and after Macy. Before Macy entered my life I breezed through barely giving much thought to anything at all. And yet now, after Macy I am constantly reminded just how lovely people can be.

So many people have shared my highs and lows. I have encouragement when I'm low and things are tough, and on my better days, I have others right beside me, sharing my journey.

Macy has taught me so much. And I will always be eternally grateful that I was chosen to be her mummy xx




Did you know that Congenital Heart Defects cause twice as many infant deaths than all childhood cancers put together?

And yet 5 times the amount is spent on cancer research than on CHD every year?

Please continue to like and share our Facebook page to raise awareness of the 1 in 100 babies born with CHD. Babies that hopefully will have a happier ending to their story x

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